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The Supreme Court refused to entertain a Public Interest Litigation seeking an inquiry by the National Investigation Agency into the Congress ‘toolkit’ case, stating that the time has come to do something about such frivolous petitions being filed in the court.

The petitioner also asked for suspension of the Indian National Congress as a political party, if the allegations against them pertaining to ‘anti-national acts’ are found to be true.
In response, the court said that if the petitioner didn’t like the toolkit, “then do not look, ignore it, … this is a political propaganda.”

Justice Chandrachud expressed his resentment towards the petition and said that such frivolous petitions ‘cannot be heard’.

Advocate Shashank Shekhar Jha, who was representing the petitioner came with different counterarguments. Jha said that using the term ‘Indian variant’ for the Coronavirus mutant is a matter of propaganda. He said that Singapore has taken objection on terms like ‘Singapore Variant’ and considered it as a matter of concern.

Justice Chandrachud responded by saying that “India is a democracy”, the judge also questioned that if a Court can control different forms of political propaganda.

Justice Shah, who was also the part of the bench hearing the matter, reminded that a criminal investigation is pending in the Congress ‘toolkit’ matter and said that the petitioner ought to avail remedies other than Article 32. Furthermore, the bench noted that directions could not be issued under Article 32 as a general, umbrella petition could not be maintained under it.

Conclusively, the Court asked Jha to withdraw the plea to pursue alternative remedies.

Emad Masroor

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