According to reports, fugitive diamond dealer Mehul Choksi, who is wanted in connection with the Punjab National Bank loan fraud case, was apprehended in Dominica while attempting to flee to Cuba.

The 62-year-old went missing earlier this week from Antigua and Barbuda, a Caribbean island nation where he fled in 2018.

His escape coincided with the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate’s attempt to extradite him in connection with their investigations into the 14,000 crore scam at India’s second-largest state-owned bank.

 According to sources, Mehul Choksi arrived in Dominica via boat.

He was apprehended by local police after a watch circular was issued for him, and he is now in their custody.

According to reports, the procedure of handing him over to Antigua authorities is underway. According to CBI sources, his effort to run would strengthen their case in Antiguan courts. CBI sources are optimistic that he will be in India sooner. There has previously been no formal confirmation from Antigua that Mehul Choksi was gone.

Mehul choksi captured in dominica

The Prime Minister of the island nation, Gaston Browne, stated that he had “no valid evidence to date” that Mr. Choksi had departed the country. A search for him began when a family member reported him missing.

 Mr. Choksi is facing two charges in Antigua courts, according to Prime Minister Browne: extradition and citizenship revocation. He had brought in a well-known lawyer from the United Kingdom, demonstrating his commitment to stay and fight the claims.

 Mr. Choksi’s attorney had also denied that he would exit the country. We’re keeping an eye on what’s going on “According to news agency Press Trust of India, attorney Vijay Aggarwal.

Later, it was revealed that he had obtained Antiguan citizenship two months prior to the scam’s discovery. Mehul Choksi has stated that the cases against him are the product of a political plot and that the Enforcement Directorate unlawfully attached his assets in India.

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  1. […] Mehul Choksi was last seen going for dinner in his car in Antigua and Barbuda on Sunday. He was reported missing after his abandoned car was found by his staff. He disappeared a day prior from Antigua and Barbuda, was captured in Dominica after a broad manhunt was dispatched to catch him. Interpol had given a Yellow Notice against him. Choksi was fighting two cases in Antigua related to his citizenship and his extradition to India, according to the CBI. […]

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