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On June 22, 2021, NCP chairman Sharad Pawar and Trinamool Congress leader Yashwant Sinha attend a meeting of opposition leaders at Pawar’s residence in New Delhi.

The Rashtra Manch conference in the Capital on Tuesday, sponsored by Nationalist Congress Party president Sharad Pawar, was a flop, with the majority of opposition parties skipping it and several sending in second line figures. When Yashwant Sinha was not affiliated with any political party, he created the Rashtra Manch. Currently, he is a member of the Trinamool Congress party.

Mr. Pawar was just acting as host for the meeting, according to the NCP. It went on to say that the Congress was not intentionally left out. The DMK, RJD, and BSP, in addition to the Congress, did not send any members to the meeting.

“It has been reported in the media that this Rashtra Manch meeting was convened by Sharad Pawar to unify anti-BJP parties,” NCP leader Majeed Memon said after the meeting. This is completely false. I’d like to emphasise that this meeting was held in Mr. Pawar’s home, but he did not call it.” He also stated that the meeting should not be interpreted as a major political gathering.

Vivek Tankha, Manish Tewari, Kapil Sibal, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, and Shatrughan Sinha, all members of the Congress party, were invited. Some of them stated that they were having actual problems. Mr. Memon believes that the assumption that there will be a large Opposition group without the Congress is incorrect.

D. Raja, the General Secretary of the CPI, and Sitaram Yechury, the General Secretary of the CPI(M), both skipped it. Instead, Rajya Sabha MP Binoy Viswom and Polit Bureau member Nilotpal Basu represented the CPI and the CPI (M).

Ghanshyam Tiwari, Rashtra Manch coordinator and Samajwadi Party spokesperson, said Mr. Sinha, the platform’s convener, will establish a team to present the platform’s viewpoint on major issues impacting citizens. “The meeting concluded that there is a need for the country to prepare a bold alternative vision to solve challenges affecting the ordinary man,” Mr. Tiwari added.

Varsha Singh

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