Rahul Gandhi, a Congress leader, lashed out at the BJP on Monday over the alleged scam involving the Ram temple trust’s acquisition of land in Ayodhya, saying betrayal in Lord Ram’s name is unjust.

The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, according to Congress, paid an exaggerated price of 18.5 crores for a piece of land worth 2 crores in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. In a separate tweet, he slammed the government’s pro-privatization push, claiming that it would not benefit the people.

“Shri Ram himself is justice, truth, faith. Betrayal in his name is unrighteous,” he said in a tweet in Hindi, alleging a scam in the land purchase.

Earlier today, Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi remarked that devotees abusing their beliefs by misusing money is a disrespect to their faith.

“Through their faith and dedication, thousands of individuals made offerings at God’s feet. “Misuse of such funds is unjust, a sin, and an insult to their faith,” she wrote in Hindi in a tweet.

“The government of India’s “Modi Mitr-centric” (friend-centric) privatisation campaign will not benefit the general population. NYAY is going to, “he remarked, referring to a programme he advocated for transferring direct cash into the accounts of the impoverished and disadvantaged in society.

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