India is struggling with the second wave of covid 19. But India tackles the situation very well. In this situation, NITI Aayog member VK Saraswat warns that the 3rd wave may begin in September or October.

India deals with the second wave of coronavirus in a better way. Vaccination centers have been set up throughout the country. People are getting vaccinated at a large rate. Due to this vaccination drive, India will surely tackle the second wave of covid 19 effectively.

Talking to the PTI, NITI Aayog member VK Saraswat added, “I think we have done reasonably well. We have managed the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic very well, as a result, covid-19 numbers have come down significantly. We have been able to manage with the help of our science and technology activities, creating oxygen banks, making a large number of industries support oxygen supply. Using railways, using airports, using the military for transporting liquid oxygen”.

The 3rd wave in September or October: warns NITI Aayog member VK Saraswat

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He also indicates that we must take precautions by July and August to tackle the second wave. He indicated that the researchers haven’t been so strong in the idea of second-wave spreading. But the marriage events, functions, and other activities which involved a large crowd are a reason for the spread of covid-19 at this rapid speed.

The covid-19 spread is declining day by day. As of today, the new cases reported were 24,405. As compared to 21 May, 36,184 cases are declining every day. In this situation, we must not forget to take precautionary measures that are essential to avoid the further spread of covid-19 and stop the advent of the third wave in India.

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