1st June- Recognised as the world milk day

What is considered as nearly a complete food? We know that the immune system plays a very important role in a life and this immunity is best developed when you are a child. A child is always asked to drink milk on daily basis because milk is the only thing that is considered as nearly a complete food since it is good source of protein fat and major minerals. Milk and Milk products at the main constituents for infants and school age children. June 1st is celebrated as the world milk day. On this day we focus on ‘Sustainability in the Dairy Sector with messages around the environment nutrition and social economics’.

Why June 1 was chosen as the date for celebrating world milk day

World milk day marks the importance of milk and raises awareness among the people about Dairy contribution to healthy living. It also states that 6 billion people globally consume dairy.

In 2001 the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United States established the world milk day June 1 was chosen as the date because during this time of the year many other countries were already celebrating milk day.

Significance of the world milk day in our lives

The main motive of world milk day is to make people aware of the value of milk and dairy products in our day-to-day lives. Milk is not only a terrific source of Nourishment but it is a source of income for around a billion people all over the world. The day is of big importance for India as well because India is one of the world’s largest producers of milk.

Farmers all over the world celebrate world milk day by caring for the animals and sharing their knowledge about the importance of milk. On this day many people donate milk for the children who are suffering from malnutrition. There are many people in our country as well as other countries who do not even get milk to drink.

June 1st is celebrated as the world milk day.
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