Have you ever heard about the Golden Blood Group from anyone? When it was discovered ? How  Rh-null is the rarest blood type? Be Calm , here is the answer or every question that are stuck into your mind . The Golden Blood type or Rh-null Blood Group contains no Rh antigens (proteins) on the Red Blood Cells (RBC) . This is the rarest blood group in the world . Less than 50 people have this blood Group . This Blood Group was firstly discovered in 1961 name Rh-null  for the fact that is actually missing . The term “Rh-null” was coined out by R.Ceppelini three years later .

In the whole medical history only 14 families were found with Rhnull phenotype. The Rh-null phenotype produces different mechanisms. Rh-null is considered to be universal blood for anyone with rare blood types within Rh system. But this could be very dangerous for the people during the transfusion of blood due to the lack of availability of Golden – Blood Donors.

Golden Blood – The Rarest Blood Group in the World

Also , Blood Group ‘O’ is also considered to be a universal donor . Throughout the world there are only 9 Active Blood Donors of this blood group .

Therefore, this makes this blood type rare and hence, the name ” the golden blood “. The person who has golden blood lacks only (Rhd) antigens. The Golden Blood Group is a result of the spontaneous change in the gene. There are some conditions where any person is at risk of getting Golden Blood Group; during the marriage between cousins or between any distant relative, from the abnormal genes or disease traits, spontaneous changes in the genes. Golden Blood Group can be donated to anyone with rare blood types within the ‘Rh’ system .


Golden Blood – The Rarest Blood Group in the World

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