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20 Indian soldiers have been Martyred in violent clashes with Chinese soldiers in the Galvan valley of eastern Ladakh on Monday night

New Delhi20 soldiers of India have been killed in violent clashes with Chinese soldiers in Galvan valley of eastern Ladakh on Monday night.  Nyju agency ANI has given this information citing government sources.  At present, there is no confirmation of the martyrdom of 20 soldiers from the government or the army. 
News agency ANI has also been quoted by sources as saying that the intercept heard by the Indian side has revealed that at least 43 soldiers have lost their lives or are seriously in the violent clash in the Galvan valley of Ladakh.  Have been injured by Sources have told the news agency ANI that there has been an increase in the movement of helicopters from across the LAC towards China to take their soldiers killed and seriously injured during the violent clashes with the Indian Army.  .
Initially, there were reports of three soldiers including the colonel being martyred.  This is the first time since 1962 that soldiers have been martyred in Ladakh region.  The round of the high-level meeting on the matter continued throughout the day.  Defense Minister Rajnath Singh briefed PM Modi after meeting the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat along with the three military chiefs and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar.  Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held two consecutive meetings with top military officials on Tuesday to discuss the situation in eastern Ladakh. 
After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Amit Shah.It is being told that the process of retreating in the night was going on from both the armies in the Galvan valley of eastern Ladakh, but suddenly there has been action by Chinese soldiers, in which Indian soldiers have been martyred.  At the same time, it has been said by the Foreign Ministry of China that if India takes unilateral steps, then such problems will come to light. China alleges that Indian soldiers entered her army.

(Clockwise from left) Colonel Santosh Babu, Sepoy Ojha and Havildar Palani, who were killed during a clash with Chinese troops in Ladakh on Monday night. (PTI Photo)

 The statement of Indian Ministry of External Affairs also came on the matter. The Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying that due to China’s unilateral efforts to change the situation, violent clashes have taken place.  It has been said from the Ministry of External Affairs that the loss could have been avoided.  Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that talks are being done to reduce the tension.  The clash has damaged both sides.  He said that China did not respect mutual consent.  We are committed to peace, but will maintain sovereignty.

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