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India – Close to 20% of all official deaths reported in India due to covid, occurred over the last some four to five weeks. Within the same time span, fresh Covid cases shot up 58,47,946 cases. It works out to over 32% of the 1.79 crores reported in the country thus far. This is very serious. Now younger people are at more risk. In corona’s first wave people from 18 to 40 were safer.

The official tally of 38,652 Covid deaths in April so far out of 2,01,290 total fatalities due to the contagious disease in the country may, however, be because of gross undercounting as is evident from the civic death records and grisly visuals from overwhelmed crematoriums across cities and villages.

They point out that while an average of 2780 deaths are reported in India every day, crematoriums in cities would not be overflowing if the Covid fatality is just 2,090-3,000 a day, as is being counted officially as of now. People must follow all protocols and this is very necessary to stop corona cases. In this pandemic, vaccination is also playing a major role. Vaccination can slow the number of cases and also the death rate.

In the case of hospitalised patients, younger people (0-35 years) are slightly more vulnerable in the second wave as compared to the first wave. Around 6% of patients hospitalised are 0-19 years, compared to 4.3% in the first wave, and this situation is not showing good results. Similarly, hospitalised cases in the 20-39 increased to 25.4% from 23.5% earlier. The data also shows a higher proportion of asymptomatic patients who got admitted in hospitals in the 2nd wave of corona with more complaints of breathlessness and body ache. Oxygen problem is common in covid patients. The percentage of deaths in hospitalised patients remains unchanged during the interim analysis of the second wave conducted on 1,880 people during March-April. Young people are facing mild fever, breathing problems, body ache in the second wave of the corona.

India is also facing more deaths than any other country. This was also the first time when the daily deaths crossed the 3k-mark since the beginning of the pandemic, and this is a very bad situation.

Coronavirus Cases:


Deaths: 204,829




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