3rd wave of the corona, “A phase three is inevitable, given the high levels of circulating virus, but it is not clear on what time scale this phase 3 will occur. Hopefully, incrementally, but we should prepare for new waves. Previous infections and vaccines will cause adaptive pressure on the virus for new kinds of changes which try to escape, and, therefore, we should be prepared, scientifically to take care of that. “, said K Vijay Raghavan, principal scientific advisor, to the government of India.

He said the huge surge also showed that immunity from the first wave was not widespread. “The fraction uninfected, due to the cautionary steps taken in the first wave (lockdowns etc), had been large.

Raghavan admitted that the government had not expected the “ferocity” of the second wave which has enveloped India over the past few weeks, with devastating consequences. According to the WHO, last week India accounted for 46% of the world’s new coronavirus cases.

Experts are of the opinion that the third wave of the COVID-19 virus in India can affect children adversely.
The study done by doctors says that these variants are currently creating new strains of the virus, due to which the virus can attack people by taking many forms. And due to so many variants, third wave of COVID can come in the country.

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