Earlier this week, Dr. K Vijay Raghavan, the Principle Scientific Advisor said, “The third wave is inevitable, considering the high levels at which this virus is circulating”

Adding to this, well-known virologist Dr. V Ravi made a statement on Thursday revealing that the 3rd wave of coronavirus may hit children the hardest. It seems logical considering the course coronavirus has followed. The first wave was virulent for old people. The second wave is encompassing the old as well as adults.

According to a report by ET, the expert mentioned that the kids will be more vulnerable because they’re not vaccinated. The only suggestion given by Dr. Ravi is to keep a regular check, and consistently test them, as early detection will increase the chances of better treatment.

Preparing for the third wave of Covid-19 which is expected to hit kids, the government of Maharashtra joined hands with BMC, to setup Paediatric Covid Care Wards in the City.

Furthermore, Motherhood Hospitals in Bengaluru have issued an advisory considering the increased number of infections in children.

Dr. Santosh Kumar, Consultant Neonatologist and Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals issued certain guidelines for new-borns. He said, “Since the new-borns are vulnerable, breastfeeding is highly recommended as it builds baby’s immunity. It is conjointly recommended for fogeys to strictly follow the vaccination schedule of their babies and not miss any doses, as this may defend the baby from infections a awfully a really crucial component in preventing the Covid infection”.

The common symptoms noted in children are high fever, gastroenteritis, and respiratory issues. According to health experts, proper covid protocols are not being followed, and once adults contract the virus, it is easily passed on to children. Some of these children might be asymptomatic and pass it on further. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to follow appropriate covid-behaviour.

Emad Masroor

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