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Written by Sanchit | Updated 27 July 

Bangaluru 15 year old girl:  It Was A Self-Defense, He Was Alcoholic: Family Of Bengaluru Daughter Held for Father’s Death.
A 15 year’s old daughter killed her own Father. At very late night on July 22 (Wednesday), B’luru girl gives a call to her Uncle, telling him about the accident that happened on that dark night. 

Girl Statement : Must to be Read

She gives the statement that “Her Alcoholic father is no more. I killed him.” 

As per the relative’s statement – “15-year girl’s family lives in a gated community in Mico layout. After her mother’s death, the family was started getting disturbed. A 46-year-old girl’s father was very learned and intelligent. Working as an IT major for 12 years in a good company, he quiet. Before his wife’s death, in 2011, a new member or we can say the second child takes entry in the there beautiful and perfect family of a perfect couple and a child. A tragedy happened that night, at the time of delivery of the second child, the mother passed away. This was the turning point for the family.
Bangaluru girl

Her Alcoholic father was depressed 

Living Life without a wife for a husband is like living next to hell. Drinking took his wife’s place and he found drinking as a way-out of dealing with his pain and depression. As we all know, drinking is the very first step towards broken families. 

Case is sent to Govt. children Home 

The case was first given to b’luru police but later on, sent to the Government’s Children Home. The b’luru police said – The Teen girl killed her alcoholic father in self-defense.  This happened at midnight at 11 pm, she was trying to study in her room, when her alcoholic father in very poor shape. He was drunk and trying to play the piano loudly. Even neighbors complaint against the noise, shouting loudly, and fighting. 
Bangaluru girl self defence pic

15 year old Girl Scared after knife attack by his father due to anger and depression

A this,  her daughter asked him manier times to reduce the volume but he is continuously ignoring her. At her last, she came out herself to reduce the volume. Which filled her alcoholic father with anger from here the crime came in his arms and he picked up a knife, tried to attack her. She sustained some injuries as well. 
A 15-year-old child got scared from her own father and then she picked up a pair of scissors by warning him to back off. As her father was intoxicated so much that inebriated that there was a tussle and that is when the scissor pierced into him.

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