Breaking down the religion barriers that our nation framed to box us in, this Muslim man performed last rites of a Hindu woman whose body was kept in mortuary. A 70 year old Hindu woman’s last rites were performed by a Muslim man after no one claimed her body following her death due to co-vid 19. The woman who was living in a shelter home was taken to the emergency ward of a medical college.

“When no one came for her body, police were informed and her body was kept in mortuary for 6 days”, college Public Relations Officer Pooja Tripathy said. “Sunita Devi living in a shelter home was brought to medical college emergency (ward) on April 5 with fever and breathing problem. She was found Co-vid positive and died during the treatment on April 29th”, she said.

On Tuesday, a person named Merajuddin Khan decided to cremate the body. He took the help of ambulance driver Beeru and performed the last rites of Devi- the officer said. Adding to which she also said that, Khan who is a local journalist had also helped the daughter of another deceased, Sudama Devi who was 60 years, to perform the last rites of her mother. She appreciated his warm gestures that he has done without caring for the society’s false beliefs and religious barriers framed by our country’s politicians, and many other. 

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