New Delhi : On 11 May, 2020 the circular was released by DU seeking advice and opinion of associated parties for conducting online exams and a day later, on 13 May, news for DU Open Book Examination (OBE) was blowing all around. 
   On May 14, it declared the exams to begin in July. The University did not stop here, but a day later, it also issued guidelines to prepare the question papers for conducting OBE for third year students. 
There were continuous strikes in University since December 2019 which came to an end in February 2020. With the issue of latest notifications, University of Delhi is again witnessing strikes by teachers and students. 
Since then, students have been continuously striking. Not only students but teachers and students union parties are also opposing the decision.

Online Surveys and Strikes againt OBE

Strikes are taking the form of storm on Twitter by trending the hashtags #DUAgainstOnlineExams and #EducationWithoutExclusion. Not only DU students but Delhi Technological University (DTU) students are not legging behind in protesting. Over 48,000 students participated in online campaign on Friday.

Started Petition by NSUI Students

A petition was started by NSUI, which garnered around 60,000 signatures against the OBE. Other parties are also sending continuous suggestions while opposing the move.

Online Survey of OBE by LSRC 

In a survey conducted by Lady Shri Ram College (LSR), it is found that nearly 68% students are not agreeing to give online exams due to some unavoidable problems. DU Express, a leading media platform also conducted a survey which involved responses of nearly 12000 students. It revealed that nearly 85% students are against this move whereas 76% of the respondents do not have any study material.
  A group of 40 students from different colleges collectively wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court on May 22.     
Every student shall have different logistical and psychological issues at one’s home,

they mentioned in the letter by declaring this move as unfair and demanding. They also explained the problems of network and disabled students.

DUTA also Opposing Decision of OBE

Not only students but Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) is also opposing the decision of University. Over 60% students belong to the underprivileged sections of the society, says Dr. Abha Dev Habib who is a professor at DU. Rajesh Jha, a member of executive council says this pattern needs well trained students and teachers. He advises University to change decision within time.

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Why students are opposing this move?

There is a lot of diversity in Delhi University. Students across the country study here. Amongst these, some belong to marginalised sections where there is no possibility of 4G network.
Unit of APVP students in all their colleges strengthened the #DUAgainstOnlineExam  campaign. In which the students of Rajdhani, Hindu, Satyavati and other colleges strongly supported this campaign. 

Students Voice against OBE 

A student of Maitereyi College, Radhika Aggarwal opposes the decision by expressing her support to the protest. She says she could not join the campaign due to slow network speed in her area. She also says that she has missed all the online classes and cannot even download the question paper due to 2G speed. She is a resident of Jammu.
This decision is also creating a stressful situation for specially-abled students. Arpit Avasthi, studying in Kirori Mal College, talks  about the necessity of Braille scripts for them.
 “Did DU provide a recording of the syllabus to them? Were they provided with a scribe? Who will write their internal exam?
he added.
The decision of conducting online exams is highly criticised by people across the country. The problems and unfairness are being highlighted by protestors.
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