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Written by Mahak Mathur | updated 28 Sept ,2020
” Even if the world is ending, there is no end to learning!”
During the ongoing era of the Novel Coronavirus, there was a barrier in education for school and college students. Exams were postponed and there was no medium of teaching. However, very recently a new medium of learning has been introduced to the students called the “Virtual Classrooms”, or very popularly called the “Online Classes”.

Online education

The Government has introduced this new method of teaching in which the students are required to log in to the Zoom app or Microsoft Teams to attend their respective online classes. Personally, for students who have had attendance issues in the past (LIKE ME!), who have had attendance below 75% (or whichever aggregate your college has mentioned) online classes has been a point of advantage because every college and school has students who have a keen interest in the extracurricular activities or those who are a part of college societies, they always face difficulties in coming to every 9 am morning classes. But because the school and colleges have been shut down for a while, these students have the advantage of focusing on the study and maintain their attendance.

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But everything has its positives and negatives attached to it. In this era of virtual teaching where students wake up every day with a text saying “Click on the link below to join the class” it also welcomes some serious health issues. The biggest disadvantage of virtual teaching is its Screen Time. Although the screen time of college students has been reduced recently, it’s a matter of concern for the school students.

My 14-year-old brother has to wakeup every day for his online classes starting from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm (sometimes it exceeds to 2 pm). He opens his phone and has to log in to Microsoft teams to start his school day. For the next 5 hours, he isn’t allowed to turn off the camera except for the lunch break. In the first and second week of his 9th std. class, he already cried twice because his head hurt from continuous exposure to the screen. 

Online Classes advantage

It’s painful to watch”, said my brother.
 The students have to log on and have to turn on the camera quite a few times to be counted as present.  There have been new rules about what to wear when to turn off/on the camera. And the camera and mircrophones are for many students, not optional. The families have been helpless in how to control the screen time for their children as too much of it is dangerous for the eyes. 
“I think wherever we tend to screw up perhaps the foremost altogether of this can be we tend to do’t elucidate early that folks get 2 things from faculty. They get a associate education, and that they additionally get kid care. Those square measure each valid, essential desires,” aforesaid Alix Gallagher, the director of strategic partnerships for Policy Analysis for Golden State Education, that has been advising districts across the state. Some students don’t have live categories in any respect, and solely watch videos or use apps to show in assignments.
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Others tune up for brief times to require half in lectures. Many faculties square measure exploitation software package like Zoom, Microsoft groups, and Google Meet not simply to show, except for the complete day to stay students on task and check that they’re prying constant motions of in-person faculty. For the scholars UN agency ought to bear such associate era of online categories, arrange a structure and place things in situ for e.g.,- opt for a get in your break (without your phone!)


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