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Social Media Trends During covid-19 Pandemic 2021


Written by Vaishnavi | Intern 2021

In the phase of lockdown where social mobility was restricted, social media served as a diversion from reality. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook were the prominent spaces where the majority of trends took place. Trends are absolutely not new to the human race, but trends took a different tangent altogether amidst the lockdown.These trends have also provided many self-employment opportunities. By learning how Instagram’s algorithm works in 2021, we will be able to explore the endless possibilities of this platform and create engaging pages with great organic traffic. Instagram has provided lots of small business owners to advertise and grow their business online with minimal investments.MoJo a.k.a. Mobile Journalism is immensely popularized by Twitter since the netizens report events that they witness. Barkha Dutt’s news agency ‘MoJo’ replicates the same stance. `This is also monitored by the assigned authorities if the situation is in need of quick control. Apart from that, minor debates and arguments also take place either leading to chaos or progress for the city. Facebook served as a platform for not only a personal archive but also, a great space for the advertisers to grow and impact businesses and the lives of the people. The impact was so robust that people trained each other in analytics courses and the word spread even larger. Many disadvantages too paved a negative path along with the further progress of these online spaces. It is reported that the heavy consumption of these applications proves to be harmfully fatal, especially for those whose screen-time is at the peak level. Students are heavily addicted to Instagram and its applications, hence distracting them from studies and their careers.

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