Article by Aryan Lamba

KOCHI: With several opting to work from home, or prefer to use their own travel choices, traveling alone in traveler trains could be a risky affair for ladies lately. One major issue is that the lack of polishing in such trains. The Punalur train, during which a lady was robbed and attacked, failed to have police personnel on duty. A senior RPF officer aforementioned security personnel square measure deployed solely in night trains, i.e., between 6pm and 6am. “We are deploying security personnel on long-distance trains. As this can be train runs within the day, there was no security personnel on duty,” the officer aforementioned. 

Kerala Railway Police inspector Abhilash aforementionedthe state police have taken necessary steps to deploy police personnel altogether train services however the reduction in services and absence of passengers, have created some confusion. Another senior lawman aforementioned the number of travelers in traveler trains has return down drastically. “It’s extremely risky for ladies traveling alone as their square measure fewer individuals in every compartment lately. once the train is on the move, it’ll be onerous for the individuals to listen to any cries for facilitating,” the officer aforementioned adding the criminals are going to be expecting a chance to focus on lady traveling alone on sparsely jammed compartments. 

As per 2019 crime knowledge, there have been thirty-seven hurt cases registered in trains within the state whereas the number of cases of assault on girls with the intent to outrage their modesty was thirty-six. Kerala railway police had registered 2 rape cases, 196 felony cases, twenty-five theft cases and one capture and abduction case. Liyons J, secretary of Friends on Rails, AN association of passengers, aforementioned the security of lady travelers has become a significant concern as a result of the less range of passengers. “It’s extremely shivery for ladies’ travelers lately even in long-distance categorical trains. Railways ought to do one thing now to confirm women’s safety,” he said.

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