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The Uttarakhand supreme court stated that the govt is bringing shame to its own people. The bench of judge RS Chauhan and Justice Alok Kumar Verma, stated, “Then there’s Kumbh Mela, and now Char Dham. Why can we continuously disgrace ourselves?” The CJ revealed that he has been getting videos of the holy holies of the four temples, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri—that are full of people. It should be remembered that the Char Dham Yatra has been postponed this year, but rites are going to be administered to take care of tradition, with no devotees visiting all four shrines- Kedarnath, Badrinath.

 Following Dilip Jawalkar, Secretary Tourism, Uttarakhand, told the bench that there are norms in situ for every site of worship, the court replied, “Nobody is following your instructions. Please take a ferry to Char Cham to seek out out what the reality is. Take subsequent chopper to Kedarnath and witness for yourself.” The Court further stated that rather than the court interfering within the case, the administration should question violators. The court also questioned the central government over the diversion of oxygen from Uttarakhand to other states without satisfying the state’s need.

The case are going to be heard again on June 9, 2021. The bench, within the presence of authorities from the state and therefore the centre, emphasized the looming potential of a 3rd wave if things is allowed to deteriorate because it did in Mahakumbh, adding, “We cannot turn ourselves into a hotbed of covid.” to not mention the black fungus that appears following covid, with specialists predicting the third wave in six months. The state features a demand for 180 metric tonnes of oxygen and a supply of 350 metric tonnes. Only 120 MT of oxygen could also be taken by the Hill state, with the rest coming from Jamshedpur and Durgapur.

The court inquired, “Why is that the Centre unable to grasp Uttarakhand’s reasonable request?” “We don’t understand why, despite a huge rise in Covid cases and Uttarakhand’s steep terrain, the state’s oxygen allotment hasn’t been boosted to 300 MT?” questioned the judge . The court also expressed utter shock at the ‘callous attitude of the federal government’ and’ step motherly treatment’ since every appeal from Uttarakhand has gone unheeded. The court, clearly infuriated by the absences of centre officials to clarify the matter, stated that if the officials are too busy to return before the court, he may be summoned.

 The CJ went on to remark, “I’m sorry to announce that the court doesn’t accept Uttarak hand’s carelessness”.

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