Corona Virus

Article by Apurva Shinde

Mumbai: Due to lack of adequate vaccines, Mumbai Vaccination will be closed for three days from today. Due to the depletion of available vaccines, vaccination in Mumbai will be completely closed for three days today, tomorrow and the day after May 2. Vaccination of citizens between the ages of 18 and 44 from May 1 is likely to be postponed due to lack of adequate vaccinations. Meanwhile, the corporation said that if the corporation receives the vaccine stockpile and the vaccination is about to start, the information will be disseminated to Mumbaikars through media and social media. Only registered eligible persons will now be vaccinated.

Citizens aged 45 and above have to stand in long queues at some centers for vaccination. These citizens should not be anxious and crowd the vaccination centers. The municipality has appealed that everyone will be vaccinated. Covid vaccine is being administered at 63 vaccination centers in municipal and government hospitals and at 73 vaccination centers in private hospitals. The administration is planning a daily vaccination campaign by reviewing the situation on a daily basis as there are not enough vaccines available recently.




Apurva Shinde

By Apurva Shinde

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