Have you ever wondered why people are more likely to talk to some people, while are often hesitant to talk to some others? Well here are a 13 Things you need to practice in your daily life that could make people want to talk to you, making you a People’s Person

13 Things You Need

1. Don’t Criticize

Mistakes happen. If someone has made a silly mistake, don’t criticise them. Help them to undo that. Show forgiveness and help them understand where they went wrong rather than directly addressing their mistake. By criticising, you make them feel inferior.

Our life's mistakes

2. Talk About Your Mistakes

When you talk about your mistakes, it makes people know about your imperfections and makes you reachable. It makes you appear human and gives people the comfort to open up about their mistakes.

3. Appreciate Others

A simple thank you can go a long way. If someone does something nice for you, appreciate them. Show them that you are grateful. You don’t know how much effort they have taken to get you something or help you. It makes them feel nice that you acknowledge their effort and gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Compliment Them

4. Compliment Them

When you meet someone, new or not, compliment them about their looks or a fragrance that they have used or their clothing or absolutely anything at all. It shows them that you notice them. That they are important enough that you took notice of them. If they have achieved something, show them that you are happy for them. By complimenting them it shows that you are not jealous and actually care about them.

5. Encourage Them

There are times when the person you are talking to might feel low or threatened by someone, or because someone did something they couldn’t. In such situations, encourage them to do something productive, it shows them that you pay attention to them and that you support them. If they are down do something that they would appreciate like get them flowers or take them out for a drink, depending on what the person would appreciate more.

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Good Listener

6. Be a Good Listener

There are several times when people just want to someone to listen to them. No judgements, no demands, no questions asked. Just letting them spill all their worries and concerns out. It makes them not only appreciate your time to listen to them, but it also develops a kinship for you in them.

7. Don’t Interrupt While They Are Talking

It is always irritating when someone breaks off the train of thought that you were following just to divert the conversation to a completely different direction than what was in your head. It isn’t just you who feels that, every human has the same tendency. When you break someone off, while they are speaking it makes them not want to talk to you as according to them, you won’t let them speak. And that makes you unreachable


8. Your Smile

A smile can light up your whole face, making you more attractive. When you smile, it tells others that you are not a grumpy person who just doesn’t smile. That itself can put someone off before they even talk to you. When you smile, it makes you an approachable person, and makes people want to talk to you.

Give your opinion

9. Refer To People By Their Name

Name is a powerful source that could win over someone without having to do a lot. If you remember someone’s name, it makes them feel important, it makes them feel heard. And that creates a sense of belonging in them which enables them to approach you more often

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10. Show Genuine Interest

When You Show Genuine Interest In What The Person Is Talking About It Makes Them Want To Share More Things With You. It Makes Them Want To Tell You About Their Experiences In Other Things Too. It Shows Them That You Want To Be With Them, Making Them Want To Be With You.

People's Person

11. Give Your Opinions

When someone’s talking about something that you know about, share your opinions and experiences, similar to that of the speakers. It shows that you are paying attention and tells them that they are not the only ones who have been through something or know about something. It gives them company and shows that you have similar tastes, making them want to talk to you more. Keep in mind though, that you don’t interrupt them. Give your opinion after they have made their point.

12. Be patient and polite

There might be times when you just want someone to stop doing something. In such cases instead of doing something rash and offending them in the process, be patient and talk to them. Talk to them as if you are talking to a five year old and explain to them what is bothering you. Instead of blaming them for something, get to the core of why they are doing something.

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13. Avoid Arguments

Arguments tend to make a person repulse you. It could break already formed bonds. It could ruin relationships. So avoid them. Instead if a situation arises such that you want to confront the other person, sit down and have a talk. That could help you understand their reasons for doing things the way they do it. It helps you understand their perspective at the same time, it helps them understand your views. It helps retain the relationship at the same time, helps find a solution that is suitable for everyone.

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