The times are tough. Hence motivating and inspiring ourselves has become more than important. It is now essential that we carry a positive mind for a fit body and a happy environment. Motivation is a driving factor for actions, willingness and goals. These needs want or, desires are acquired through the influence of society, culture and lifestyle. A person’s motivation can be inspired by, inner or outer forces.

So now the question arises, How we can motivate ourselves?

1) Establish a contract with yourself

Making a deal with ourselves helps us overcome procrastination. You may make the deal, big or small. This way, you can get things done quickly.

2) Power of pen and paper

Since we are present in the constant loop of technology, it is good to take a break. Sometimes using a simple pen and paper to plan out your schedule or write down goals can help you analyze. The more you rethink and re-ensure, the more motivated you are.

3) Procrastination: your enemy

This is where busy work takes over and prevents us from achieving our objectives. We always end up avoiding our main task pushing it away further and further. Try to create a plan and stick to it. We can always reward ourselves with breaks in-between.

4) Get started

Do something small and go with the flow. It could be anything small as cleaning your desk or washing those dishes. When you have already started, you can easily move ahead with your work for the rest of your day.

5) Don’t worry about failures

Try to seek valuable lessons in your failures. Think of them as feedback which is a normal part of your life. It is okay to make mistakes. But those mistakes should not hinder your growth and goals.

Remember, the most essential part of staying motivated is loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are. Instead of finding flaws and failures, it is always good to accept them and start working for the better.

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