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A treadmill is certainly one among the favoured choices of workout machines, but it isn’t easy to use. It is a great machine for people who do not have time to run outdoors and is a great way to do cardio exercise.

But just putting one foot in the front of the other on the treadmill might not help you much. Running on a treadmill might appear to be an easy workout to you, but doing it mindlessly may sabotage your exercise or even cause injury.

These tips will assist you to walk smoother and faster, burn extra calories, prevent injuries and get the whole advantages of moderate-intensity cardio workouts for health and fitness.

1. Skipping warm- up:

Warm-up is necessary before and after every workout and the same rule applies while you run on a treadmill. Most humans simply jump on the treadmill and begin running at a fast speed.

Their body cannot keep pace for a very long time and as a result, the speed decreases. The best way to run on a treadmill is to begin slow. Begin with walking, then jogging and then start running. In this manner, you may burn extra calories and will not hurt yourself.

6 Mistakes while running on a treadmill

2. Holding Onto Handrails:

You may need the assurance of holding onto the handrails for stability, however, that isn’t always a natural manner to walk or run. You cannot use proper walking posture or move naturally using a good stride and arm movement in case you are holding onto the handrails.

Learn to let go of the handrails, even though it means walking or running at a slower tempo for some sessions. You will get a better workout at a slower pace than you will at a faster pace holding on.

Continue to use the handrails if you’ve got a disability or balance issue. But seek advice from an instructor or physical therapist for advice on how to achieve good walking posture even in case you want to use the handrails.

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3. Not keeping your posture upright and then looking down:

Walking and running are upright activity. For hundreds of years, we’ve learned to walk and run upright and we still need to do it today. This is essential for beginners and anybody running on a treadmill.

You need to replicate your running action as though you are naturally running outdoor for good posture. Looking down is the classic beginner’s treadmill running mistake. This is particularly so if you sense you have taken a long stride or you will be close to the edge.

In time you will get used to running on a treadmill and your confidence will increase. Just try not to look down while you do not need to.  Keep your head held high and your posture is going to be upright.

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4. Not wearing proper running shoes:

You’ve bought the treadmill or joined that highly-priced gym and right here we’re suggesting you need to spend more. Proper running footwear is a profitable investment. Even though you are running indoors you continue to need running footwear.

That is going with walking as well you continue to need the right running footwear. Running footwear are designed with exercising in mind. They have their own cushioning and support factors in all of the right places that will help you go.

They additionally help provide further aid in avoiding injuries. If you are now no longer sure which are appropriate for then you definitely there are good websites which could guide you in selecting the best running shoe type for you.

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5. Holding your breath:

Holding your breath is the most common mistake people make while performing any form of workout. Just like your legs, your lungs also are good at doing their job. You ought to maintain breathing at the same time as running.  Do not hold your breath or attempt to control it. Stay calm and keep moving.

6. Not Following Treadmill Safety Rules:

The first mistake is getting on a treadmill while the belt is moving at full speed. This may also look like useless advice; however, many treadmill users are injured while the belt starts moving at a high speed unexpectedly.

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