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Angelina Jolie, an actress, has lent her support to another cause: bee conservation. To raise awareness of bee conservation and empower women beekeepers around the world she modelled for a National Geographic magazine photoshoot in which she was coated in hundreds of bees.  A swarm of bees buzz around her shoulders and chest, with a few buzzing around her face.

The setup of the photoshoot was outlined by Dan Winters, the photographer and a beekeeper. According to him, Angelina had to wait almost 18 minutes with bees on her body. Shooting with a full crew and live bees during the pandemic hampered the execution. “And I realised that the best way to guarantee we had the right outcome for the photo was to use the same technique that Richard Avedon used 40 years ago to make his iconic beekeeper portrait,” he said.

Further he added, everyone on set, with the exception of Angelina Jolie, was required to wear a security suit. It had to be still and silent in order to keep the bees safe. I sprayed the pheromone on her body where I wanted bees to congregate.

“I feel that for those who were there, this shoot was also an awe-inspiring experience—and our World Bee Day offering has its own roots in photography history,” said Dan Winters.

Angelina Jolie described the experience as “amazing.” “With so much on our minds around the world, [bee conservation] should be one of our top priorities. We will all contribute by coming up and doing our part.” She’s collaborating with UNESCO and Guerlain on a Women for Bees initiative that aims to build 2,500 beehives and restock 125 million bees by 2025, as well as educate and support 50 female beekeepers.

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