Being Queer In The Digital World

I learned about the importance of sexual wellbeing for all, not just heterosexual couples, through dozens of Google searches and blog posts.

The buzz round the changing landscape of our online world has been constant, starting from outrage from disability advocates regarding the work from home shift, to please from introverts tweeting that they were “born for this.”

Growing up within the digital age comes with its ups and downs, except for a young queer person today it’s definitely hard to romanticize the unplugged past.

The internet and modern technologies provide us with a much-needed respite from the chaos of life, whilst simultaneously perpetrating the chaotic capitalist culture we plan to shield ourselves from. With the dawn of 2021in sight, it’s never been easier to disconnect from the human world and convert to a virtual existence.

Yet even with all of the risks of emerging technology, we cannot deny the various opportunities that these online spaces provide LGBTQ+ youth: to get themselves, to find out about different communities, and—perhaps most importantly—to finally feel seen. There’s still much that must be done to make sure safe spaces for the identity exploration and development of queer youth, both online and offline.

While diversity and inclusion in tech remain a serious topic of conversation, visibility remains lacking, making it important for LGBT+ people to attach with one another within the tech space. we should always even be mindful of how we express this support in the least times, not just during Pride month.

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Devasena R

By Devasena R

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17 thoughts on “Being Queer In The Digital World”
  1. This article reflects the freedom of choice we have today. Along with the broad mindset of today’s society to accept the new normal.

  2. Very nicely said!, Nowadays it’s quite a tedious task to find articles of sensitive issues like this. A worthy read and distinctive 👌

  3. Very nicely said!, Nowadays it’s hard to find such detailed articles on these type of sensitive issues. A Worthy read and distinctive 👌🏻

  4. Just read it. It’s a well-written article. This would, at the very least bring in the much-needed awareness of the Queer community. Most Indians don’t even have that.

  5. Speaking about LGBTQ+ rights is till a taboo in several parts of the nation especially in the rural areas. These online platforms raises LGBTQ+ activism and creates awarness not only for queer youths but for others too. Well written !👏👏

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