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It’s never too late for a frozen Panna drink. Soothe your soul with some irresistible Panna recipe this summer. These Panna are made with seasonal fruits, herbs and spices with exotic flavours. Who doesn’t even love mangoes? We all wait a whole year for summer to drink different juices and drinks to keep ourselves refresh and hydrated. Nothing can beat these chilled fresh and hydrated drinks on scorching summer days. And also, as we are torn between the houses, so we can easily make tasty and easy drinks at home in less time.

Therefore, Panna is a tangy flavour beverage that is made from freshly blended fruits with herbs spicy, sweet ingredients in it. A glass of Panna makes us refresh and waves of a strong taste on our tongue.

Here are some Exotic Panna Drinks That You Should Try This Summer.

Exotic Indian Beverages Aam Panna That You Should Try This Summer

AAM Panna is the most favourite beverage liked by most of people. Aam Panna is made from so many flavours. It includes every cool summer thing in a glass. It is sweet-spicy made with the pulp of raw mango and also refreshing and cooler for us.

Exotic Indian Beverages Imli Panna That You Should Try This Summer

Imli Panna is another unique cooler. You should try this drink that can make your hot summer day into a cool refreshing day. Imli Panna is a blend of different spices, mint, black salt and tamarind.

Exotic Indian Beverages Bael Panna

How can we forget the BAEL Panna? It is one of the most popular drinks that is also known for   Wood Apple that has all the benefits. Bael Panna has all the nutrients, vitamins and fibre . It is nothing but a blessing for the Indians, also it solves the digestion issue. So why, not try this drink at home with your family and enjoy it.

Exotic Indian Beverages Pineapple Panna

Pineapple Panna is one of the simple fruit drink that you easily get from the market. Pineapple has a very good and sour flavour that makes this Panna drink tastier with the flavours of spices and special herbs.

Exotic Indian Beverages phalsa Panna

Phalsa is a great fruit to eat and to drink as a beverage. Phalsa is in a small size like blueberries with delicious flavours and tastes like sweet or sour. Phalsa is very useful for health. It helps in digestion and hydration.

Exotic Indian Beverages Cranberry Panna

Cranberry is one of the most liked and the favourite fruit of most of the people and also you can enjoy all year by drinking Cranberry Panna. You can enjoy this drink on these hot scorching summer days and can refresh your mind. Also, tell me in the comment section, which drink you liked the most.


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