The 80-year-old Delhi resident has reopened his roadside eatery in Malviya Nagar in the national capital. Following the success of the previous year, Kanta Prasad invested Rs.5 lakh in the new restaurant and recruited three employees.

Baba Ka Dhaba,” one of last year’s overnight successes, comes immediately to mind. The elderly couple is back to their early days in Malviya Nagar, south Delhi, after six months of fame and recognition, as they desperately wait for customers in their roadside eatery. A YouTuber released a video of Kanta Prasad and his wife Badaami Devi facing financial difficulties in their roadside diner earlier this year.

Baba Ka Dhaba had become an overnight success when the video went viral, with hundreds of people queuing outside the diner to buy meals, take selfies, and make donations. Zomato, a food delivery service and restaurant locator, also has the diner featured on its website.

Kanta Prasad, the owner of “Baba Ka Dhaba,” has closed the restaurant he opened with donations worth lakhs. The reason for this was that the restaurant was pulling in very few guests and providing him with hardly any profits. Following last year’s success, Prasad invested Rs 5 lakh and employed three people to open the new restaurant. After a little while of success, Prasad was forced to close things down due to a severe decline in footfall.

“The daily footfalls at our dhaba have reduced because of the continuing Covid lockdown, and our daily sales have decreased from 3,500 before the lockdown to 1,000 now,” Prasad told Hindustan Times. Our eight-person family’s income is insufficient.” “The average monthly sales never exceeded 40,000,” he continued. All of the losses had to be borne by me. In retrospect, I believe we were given poor advice. “The average monthly sales never exceeded 40,000,” he added. All of the losses had to be borne by me. In retrospect, I believe we were advised incorrectly to create a new restaurant. Only 36,000 of the entire investment of 5 lakh was recouped via the sale of seats, cutlery, and cooking appliances when the restaurant closed.”


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After Kanta Prasad’s video, in which he tearfully discussed the loss of business because of the pandemic, went viral, people from all across the country offered substantial donations to him. According to reports, the restaurant, which attracted a lot of attention and drew large crowds at first, lost patrons over time and was plagued by mismanagement.

Mr. Prasad, on the other hand, claims that he will continue to operate his Dhaba until his death. His retirement has also been scheduled. “This dhaba will be my home until I die. I’ll close it down the day business slows down. From the money we received last year, we set aside Rs. 20 lakhs for myself and my wife “He went on to say.

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