The rising  Hallyu Wave or Korean wave in recent times has  created  a desire for the people to taste the East Asian recipes.

Ever Since the Hallyu wave hit the different parts of the continent, Kpop and Kdrams have become one of the most sensational news on the internet and also one of the most hotly debated topics among Gen Z. Being a small nation with a total area of 100,210 km2  which is even smaller than the Indian State, Karnataka (191,791 km2) has already drawn huge attention from every single continent whether fields varying from Dance, Music, Dramas.

Besides these, there is an influence on the food culture in India where the spice loving Indians are fond of diverse Korean food. The   Korean food market in India has taken a new turn, where back in 2015, there were few Korean outlets and restaurants but in the present scenario, most of the metropolitan cities in India have more Korean cuisines and delicacies as their menu. 

Korea, a land with super modern facilities, vast changing and high technologies, a menu which does not include overcooked recipes, minimum varieties of spices and on the other hand, India, which is referred to as the “land of Spices”, and follows a traditional attribute has rich curry added with a pinch of variety of spices and cooked recipes. Though it varies in taste and texture, recently people in India are fond of Korean cuisines.

The Appetency for Korean dish after the rise of Korean Wave (Hallyu wave)

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In recent studies, it was found that the popularity of Korean food has risen to 37.4% and the love for certain delicacies such as Kimchi( a preserved cabbage or any other vegetable accompanied with spicy chilly mixture) and Sushi has increased. And few chefs in India said that they have amalgamated the Korean recipes with a mix of Indian traditional foods such as ‘Biriyani with Kimchi’, ‘Vada pav with Kimchi’ and these have become one of the top-selling cuisines in their shops.

The Appetency for Korean dish after the rise of Korean Wave (Hallyu wave)

Apart from these, Ramyun or Ramen(Instant noodles) has a different set of fan base. People from different regions of the world tend to order or buy ‘Korean spicy noodles. Recently, #SpicyRamenChallenge was a trend among the youngsters and few YouTubers made a video out of it. Within a span of a few years, more people in India would be fond of the East Asian taste and flavour of food.

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