Haiku Productivity

Haiku productivity emphasizes the power of constraints. This art is very simple at the same time very difficult. It states that we put constraints or limits on every single thing we do.

That’s it. Limit yourself in everything. Why? Because when we have limited time to do something, we are more concentrated. When we have only limited work to do we are more likely to complete it.

It’s that easy. Do everything that you want to but do it in a limit. The difficult part however is the decision of how far the limit is. For you to be able to finish and be motivated to complete your task, you need to be able to set the limits appropriately.

But that’s not the only difficult thing, to follow the tasks and to respects the limits is also very difficult, especially when you have limited yourself to do something that you love doing or when you have assigned yourself to do something that you hate.

So, how does one follow and succeed at this?

Here are the 7 rules that you can follow to gain the perfect work-life balance, while being productive.

Haiku Productivity Power of limits

1. One Goal

We often lose focus if we have to do attain several goals at a time. To avoid this it is better to focus on one single goal until you have completed it and then move on to the next one. While focusing on the goal, you mustn’t do anything that is not related to the goal.

2. Times to Process EmaiL

Restrict yourself to reading you emails only twice a day. That way it won’t be able to control your life and will be under your control.

When you check email could be completely your decision because you would know your work schedule the best, what works for me however is checking it after breakfast for any email that I might have received at night and before going to bed, to read all the emails that I received through-out the day.

A lot of time work-related emails are received by a lot of us in the middle of the day, at that point it is necessary that you only check the email that you need to check and no other.

3. Most Important tasks

Choose any three most important tasks for the day and focus on them completely. These tasks should have a balance between your work and your social/family. Example your work related task could be about completing the data sheet and submitting it before 5’oclock. To balance this your other task should be about having lunch with your wife or husband or any other close family member.

4. Batch Tasks

Aside from the three most important tasks it’s important to assign yourself four other minimal and easy tasks every day. These tasks could include picking up laundry or getting some groceries, etc. in essence they are tasks that in a way provide you a little down time all the while doing something productive

5. sentence emails

This helps you to keep your emails short and enables you to reply to more emails.

6. Posts

This rule is about limiting yourself to reading only 6 posts a day, irrespective of what platform you are using.

7. Minutes of Free Time

For every task you complete, you get seven minutes to do anything that you like. This acts as motivation for you to complete more tasks thus getting you more free time. You could use these seven minutes, immediately after your task or at the end of the day, collecting all the free time and using it together. According to the earlier stated rules, a person would only get 49 free minutes a day (3 main tasks, 4 batch tasks).

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