The world takes every new social media site, technological development and turns it into a rage overnight. The expansion of social circles through social media is not new to the millenial world, however, everytime a new application or platform comes into existence, the world moves toit overnight increasing the chances of exploration, even more.

After Orkut, Facebook,, Twitter and ultimately Instagram, Clubhouse is the new application that has taken the world by a storm.

What sets apart Clubhouse from the usual hullabaloo of the social media networking channel is the eliteness that it comes with. An application which lets you in only by invite, making you one of the few people who are allowed to use it, attracted many people to it since its exclusivity is always going to be a point of attraction.

The site is a reformed way of Instagram lives, Twitter spaces and the podcasting world combined, giving the user accessibility to more famous icons because of the fewer people using it.

It has mastered the art of attraction, making itself one of the most used apps today, simply because of the content people put out here, but also the fact that not everyone can access it unless they are invited to be the part of a community that Clubhouse caters to.

It is safe to say that Clubhouse is the new application in the world that has not just created a wave amongst the elite of the world but also, now that it is accessible to android users, to others who want and can do something out of the reach and attraction that Clubhouse provides.

We are yet to see how long it is able to sustain the intrigue that it has created and stay relevant in the world that not just rages over new things, but also forgets them overnight.

Shikha Shristi

By Shikha Shristi

Through words and verses.

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