The important pillar of self-mastery is self-love

The important pillar of self-mastery is self love. Self-love is about being considerate to you, respecting yourself, understanding your emotions and choices about different stuff, accepting yourself the way you are and not being negative or critical about yourself. People find it a lot easier degrading themselves than appreciating themselves with what they have and what they can achieve in the future if they remain determined towards their goals.

No one in this world is perfect – irrespective of caste, class or gender. Hence, it is way more important for everyone to love themselves to lead a happy, healthy and satisfying life. The key tips of self love which we all need to follow in order to achieve self-mastery are – Put yourself first, forgive yourself, spend time with yourself, appreciate your success and failures as well, do what makes you happy, surround  

 Yourself with people who make you feel loved and support you, thrive on creativity, celebrate your worth and most importantly be your own master. Do not let anyone control you, ever.  

The barriers/hindrances which we all need to overcome to achieve self mastery are: 
  • Shame – Stop being ashamed of yourself. All of us have flaws. We all have different interests, we all have different talents. Learn to flaunt your flaws and be proud of them. Work to improve not to impress.  
  • Guilt – Never let guilt overpower your pleasures. What is meant to be will happen anyway, so there’s no point feeling guilty about things which you have absolutely no control over.  
  • Grief – We all face problems in our lives but that is not the end. Learn from them and evolve.  Future has something very special planned for all of us if we go in the right direction.  
  • Fear – We all have our fears about different stuff but instead of keeping baggage about it on our shoulders, we need to overcome those fears. We need to face the reality and accept it.  
Self Love: Important pillar of self-mastery
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Here are some tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to be your own master suggested by Robin S. Sharma. Robin S. Sharma is a Canadian writer and he is known to be one of the world’s top Leadership experts.  
  • Take out at least 1 hour every day just for yourself. Meditate, exercise, listen to soothing music and listen to some inspirational or motivational podcast, etc.  
  • Always remember communication is the key. Maintain good and healthy relationships with your colleagues and family members.  
  • Count your steps while walking. It helps in enhancing concentration and power of focus.  
  • Develop the skill of sitting quietly and enjoying the powerful silence for at least ten minutes a day.  
  • Learn to manage your time effectively.  
  • Be truthful, patient, persevering, modest and generous to yourself and others as well.  
  • Do not lose your calm during stressful situations.  
  • Read inspiring and motivational books which also provide knowledge.  
  • Do not eat three hours before sleep. This allows for smoother digestion and more restful sleep. 
  • Be strong and don’t let anything or anyone disturb your peace.  
  • Try overlooking the flaws of others and be considerate towards them.  
  • Remember the overriding law of nature: positive overcomes the negative. 

Always remember to follow these tips to be the person you want to be. Work hard and be your own Master. 


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