Skin Care Routine

Since most of us are at home due to lockdown, we may as well make use of it and do something for self-pampering. finding the time to ways to take care of yourself can be hard because most women are preoccupied with work and professional deadline and forget to take care of themselves. But Most of the stress reflects on the skin, and unless you do something about it, it may continue to affect the texture and quality of your skin.

  1. Scrubbing and Exfoliation– you should exfoliate your face and body with a gentle natural scrub at least once or twice a week.  Scrubbing will remove dead skin and keep your skin smooth soft and supple so you should pamper yourself for at least 15 min.
Simple ways to take care of yourself at Home


2. Skincare Routine– you should follow a simple day and night skincare routine including the use of vitamin c serum which helps to brighten your skin tone, and you should take care of dark spot and hyperpigmentation.

simple ways to take care of yourself at home

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3. Essential oil and cracked heel – you should wash your feet and cleanse them, especially the heels with the help of a soft-bristled brush to scrub to remove dead skin. and then Moisturise using any essential oils or hydrating foot cream.


4. Razor and Blades– To get rid of unwanted hair Razors are the easiest way. It is of utmost importance to choose one with a flexible head.  You should keep a regular check on the sharpness and cleanliness of your razors and blades to get closer and smoother shaving results.

To get rid of unwanted hair Razors are the easiest way

5. Shaving foam and cream– For a convenient shaving experience, use lubricating shaving foam or shaving cream which will help your razor glide on your skin effortlessly. Don’t rely on regular soap or just water as it can cause skin redness, dryness and rashes.

For a convenient shaving experience, use lubricating shaving foam

6. Warm or cold water– You should Wash your face with warm water can result in skin breakouts as it will end up leaving your facial skin dry and damaged. You should always use water that is cold or at room temperature to wash your face.

7. Avoid touching your face- Don’t touch your face frequently. Dirty hands can not only cause skin breakouts but can also spread bacteria and viruses. It is best to avoid touching your face with unclean hands.

 Don’t touch your face frequently.

8. Exercise and a healthy diet- Physical health is a core part of self-care The best way to properly groom yourself is regular exercise and a balanced diet. You can add multiple facial exercises and massages to your routine to tone your skin and have that chiselled jawline.

9. Homemade face-pack- You can make natural face packs at home with the help of lemon, honey and egg white. Put it on your face for 15-20 minutes, massage in a circular motion and rinse with cold water.

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“Remember to follow the most appropriate and adequate suggestions as per your skin type. Not every product is made for everyone; what is working for your friend or favourite celebrity may not work for you. So, don’t get enticed by low prices, over-the-top promotions and vibrant fragrance,” Pawar cautions.

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