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Socio–Emotional learning during pandemic 2021

In last 2 years our country has face a lot of problems all the people have suffered a lot the novel coronavirus took away many innocent lines and left us with sorrows and gloomy days but as we always say that a coin has two sides similarly this covid has made us learn a lot of things.

It is said rightly that we value things when they are not with us. We realise the value of friends around us we valued the times we could go out freely without having any fear of death we realise the value of work being done outside our homes and we realise the value of people around us.

Family is the most important part of everybody is life and without family survival becomes difficult in these tough times we got the time to spend with the family we had the fear of losing our loved ones hence we took all the precautionary measures to fight this virus.

It was very difficult to set up education online and the Employment generation rate decreased by time but the highway of this virus made us do everything that we felt was impossible at a certain point of time.

Health is wealth and I guess the phrase got more importance in the past 2 years. We became socially active so that we could connect with our loved ones with our friends from the social media handles we missed hugging each other and talking for sitting face to face but on the other hand this virus made us emotionally weak because it took away the blood bonds.
But we do not have to lose hope because if we are together, we can fight everything and we will win it.

By Ankita Jain

Hello, I am Ankita jain. A second year student of Vivekananda institute of professional studies. I am pursuing English honours. I am a content writer.

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