Jammu Kashmir pre partition Image

One of the oldest The Bikram Chowk Railway Station was built in 1897 and abandons after the partition . When both of the countries extended their borders , the section which was connected to the Sialkot in Pakistan was completely shut down .

The Jammu Sialkot Rail Route was the only route to the state of Jammu And Kashmir back then . Now , the government of Jammu And Kashmir planned to develop and preserve the station as a heritage site .

Jammu’s Divisional Commissioner , Raghav Langer had visited to a railway station and saw several old landmarks and want to preserve them at their site .

Jammu Kashmir Railway Station

Once the Railway Station is refurbished it would add another dimension to heritage tourism in Jammu and Kashmir . “Development of new attractions and up-gradation and improvement of the existing infrastructure and promotion of tourism is one of the priority  sectors of the government ” said  Langer .

“Extra -ordinary efforts should be made to restoring the past of the grandeur of the railway station . Langer has also directed to the officials to mark the buildings and the area which can be restored and renovated .

This will be another tourism project of Jammu and Kashmir that holds historic values . This region will be seen as the World’s Highest Railway Bridge  . Soon , a train from Kanyakumari will reach all their way to Kashmir  , when’s the Chenab’s Bridge will be completed .

Completing the arch will be the most difficult tasks and also a part of the Rs 1,400 crore project which has been one of the most challenging civil engineering projects in recent times

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