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Replying to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan’s notice for withdrawal of his comments on allopathy, Baba Ramdev on Sunday tweeted an apology along with attachments of both his and the Union Minister’s official letters to one another. His apology came after a controversial video of him claiming allopathy as “stupid science” went viral.

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The whole charade began when Baba Ramdev was seen making deriding comments about allopathy in an event. The video immediately went viral invoking rage among the allopathic medical practitioners.

The Patanjali Yoga Trust responded to the backlash by saying that Baba’s comments were taken “out of context”. They claimed that he was reading out a forwarded Whatsapp message received by him and various others who were participating in the event. They also stated that he had utmost regards for doctors and support staff who have been working day and night during such a challenging time of the pandemic.

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On Saturday, the 22nd, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) sent a legal notice to Ramdev for “defaming” modern medicine. They even urged the Union Health Minister to either accept Ramdev’s comments and dissolve the modern medical facility or oppose it and prosecute him under the Epidemic Diseases Act.

In response to IMA’s plea, the Union Health Minister on Sunday sent out a letter to Ramdev asking him to withdraw his comments. In this letter, he talked about the huge role allopathy and it’s practitioners have played in the pandemic. He mentioned that Baba’s previous justifications were not satisfactory and that his comments might lead to demoralizing of the nation’s medical staff. He then urged him to withdraw his statements and lend his hand for a cooperative effort in fighting the pandemic and keeping the nation healthy.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan is with Patanjali promoter Baba Ramdev
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan is with Patanjali promoter Ramdev during a press conference in New Delhi on February 19, 2021

Baba Ramdev responded to the letter immediately by taking back his statements. However, he also took the opportunity to condemn the reference of Ayurveda as “pseudoscience” by a few allopathic doctors. He stated that many Indian-based medical sciences were being ridiculed by allopathic practitioners which he deemed as wrong too.This media conversation gained supporters and trolls on both sides of the debate from the netizens.

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