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In September 2020 the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned 118 Chinese Apps Including PUBG using its powers under Section 69A of the IT Act. According to the government, these apps were involved in activities against India’s sovereignty, defence and security of states and public order.

Since PUBG Mobile India was banned for the first time, Krafton afterwards announced that it would launch an alternative in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, as Battlegrounds Mobile India alternate of PUBG mobile is edging to its official launch but controversy keeps surrounding the game and it has received another criticism, and this time it’s from CAIT (Confederation of All India Traders).

Coat notice for ban pubg alternative Battlegrounds Mobile India

The game was launched by Krafton last week for pre-registered beta testers and the game has already crossed 5 million downloads in its early access stage. But due to Krafton’s tie-up with Tencent and danger to security the game is facing criticism from the government and CAIT is raiding voice against the relaunch of the game. And a new call has been given for a ban to be imposed and for Google Play Store to remove it.

CAIT National Secretary Praveen Khandelwal shared the letter on Twitter with multiple tweets urging the government to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India. CAIT stated that Google should not be allowed to provide its platform to companies that might harm national security.

The letter also mentioned that although Battlegrounds Mobile India is unique to India, it transmits user data to Singapore and other regions. In addition, non-Indian laws will be applicable to the user data and the app will have PUBG Mobile features that were banned in India last year. It also emphasized that the app package for the game on Play Store has pubg.imobile for pre-registration.

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