mucormycosis or black fungus
black fungus

Around 52 people in Maharashtra have died due to a rare and fatal fungal infection, known as black fungus, according to a report by a senior health department official released today.

Mucormycosis, also called black fungus, became the talk of the town after some recovering and recovered Covid patients became infected and showed severe symptoms. Some common symptoms include fever, headache, pain under eyes, sinus congestion, and partial loss of vision.

Reportedly, those 52 people who’ve died due to the fungal infection in Maharashtra were Covid-19 survivors.

An official told PTI on the condition of anonymity that it is for the first time the state health department has compiled a list of deaths caused by black fungus.

Rajesh Tope, the health minister of Maharashtra stated that there were nearly 1500 cases of black fungus in the state, adding to the severity of the second Covid wave.

Another challenge (black fungus) for the healthcare system?

It’s no breaking news that the entire healthcare system of the country is under strain due to the covid storm. Now, the rising Mucormycosis cases are adding on to the burden of the state’s healthcare system as it requires a multidisciplinary approach for treatment.

Couple of days back, Tope said that the state will float a tender to procure one lakh Amphotericin-B anti-fungal injections to treat the patients infected with black fungus.

The healthcare professionals are unanimously agreeing to the fact that Mucormycosis has a very high fatality rate. Undeniably, combating the fungal infection is going to be challenging for the health department as all the resources have been deployed in the fight with Covid.

The officials said that the healthcare system was unprepared for this kind of infection, as it’s not a notified infection like dengue and malaria. But now, the system is on high alert, they’ve prepared databases and deployed extensive measures to deal with the disease.

As per the health experts, black fungus is mostly found among covid patients, who also have diabetes, a fluctuated sugar level, or highly compromised immune systems.

To treat Mucormycosis patients a solid contingency plan has been put up in a place by the government of Maharashtra. They’ve made specific wards for the upcoming cases in hospitals attached to 18 medical colleges. The state government has already admitted that at least eight people in the state lost their vision in one eye due to the black fungus.

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