A 62 year old woman died after being stabbed 20times by a man who also sexually assaulted her in Delhi. The woman was from Begusarai in Bihar and used to live in a village in Delhi along with her son and grandson. She used to sell vegetables near her house. She used to sell vegetables close to her home. On Sunday, she had taken out her vegetable truck alongside her grandson and later returned home. The lady’s son said when he got back home subsequent to finishing his working hours as a safety guard in Noida and went into the house, he saw his mom lying in a pool of blood.

The police received information about on Sunday from a hospital about the victim. According to police, the murder was reported to New Ashok Nagar. Police officer Priyanka Sharma is working on this case and said “The police reached the hospital and found that the throat of the victim had been slit with a sharp-edged weapon and there were multiple injuries marks on her stomach. She had been declared brought dead.” 

A case under area 302 (murder) was enrolled later. During examination, police dissected the CCTV recording of the space from where the lady was recovered and proofs against accused were also checked. During cross examination, the accused conceded to his wrongdoing. The police have likewise recovered the blade, authorities said, adding that the charged asserted he was in an intoxicated condition during the incident. The accused first slit her throat and then stabbed her over 25 times and it seemed that he also sexually assaulted her.

The accused was arrested and further proceedings will be done soon.


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