The PSV badge and permit holders of transit vehicles have started receiving financial aid of 5000 rupees each from Delhi government. Through his tweet Arvind Kejriwal informed that from today onwards the deposit of financial aid of rs5000 in the account of auto and taxi driver of Delhi has been started. By Tuesday evening the amount will be deposited in 1 lakh 51 thousand drivers account.

Transport minister Kailash Gehlot said that this amount will give some relief to the drivers. Recently the department of transport has approved 1.55 lakh cases and now the drivers of para transit vehicles in being sent financial assistance to their bank account linked with Aadhar.

The government says that due to the second wave of corona virus and the imposition of lockdown in Delhi the auto and taxi drivers are facing financial crisis, in the view of this the government have decided to provide financial aid of Rs 5000 to all the PSV badges and permit holders of para transit vehicles.

The financial assistance of Rs78 crore were deposited in more than 1.56 lakh auto and taxi driver’s previous year. The transport minister also said that Delhi government is trying to compensate the economic loss of labor.

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