Great leaders are people who find the balance between business foresight, performance, and character. They have a vision on how the team should work. They have courage, humanity and focus along with the ability to plan strategies for the team.

They are the catalyst that always keeps the team together and makes them cooperate with each other. They don’t just assign work to their team while they rest, they see the strengths of the team and work together with their team to overcome their weaknesses and hence, completing their tasks.

Here is a list of the 10 qualities all great leaders’ possess:

10 Qualities That will make you a great Leader

1. Vision

A leader must have a vision of what the future should looks like. They have a clear idea of where they are going and how the plan follows through.

2. Courage

Great leaders are often risk takers. To take these risks, one requires courage. These risks may not always be correct and may blow up in the future, when this happens it takes courage to own up to the failure at the same time to continue and not give up.

3. Integrity

The core of integrity is truthfulness. Integrity means that you tell truth in all circumstances and to everyone. For a business to succeed in the long run, it is a necessity for the leader to always tell the truth even if a product is faulty or something wrong has happened.

4. Humility

Great leaders are strong and decisive but also kind and humble. Humility doesn’t mean that you are weak or unsure of yourself. It means that you are self-confident and self-aware. They recognize the value of others and respect them even when they are at a higher post than them

5. Strategic planning

Leaders often have the ability to anticipate trends. They have the ability to think of market situation, 3-6 months in advance. This is why they always have a way to plan their strategy for the future.

How to become trueleader

6. Focus

A leader always need to be focus on the needs of the company, the market and consumer situations as well as the people who work for and with them. This focus helps them to get better results and achieve their goals. They always focus on their strengths and try to overcome their weaknesses.

7. Cooperation

A leader’s greatest strength is their ability to get everyone working and pulling them all together for success. Leadership is the quality of a person to make others work for you because they want to not because you make them.

8. Communication skill

Effective leaders are also strong communicators. They have the ability to speak effectively and persuasively. They are great public speakers and have a way to motivate others around them to work harder and in a more effective way.


9. Positivity

They are always excited about the possibilities and are always positive that their product or service is for the betterment of people or will help them in some way. They are goal-oriented and purposeful.

10. Responsibility

They accept responsibilities. They don’t complain and make excuses when given a task, instead they try taking it in stride and make greater progress. They see themselves as victors and always search for solutions when a problem arises.

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