Judge denies Britney

Days after Britney Spears delivered a rather powerful testimony on how her conservatorship under her father is unhumanitarian, toxic and abusive in nature, a judge denied her request to remove her father, Jamie Spears, from conservatorship.

Just last week, Spears, 39, told the Los Angeles judge overseeing the arrangement that she wanted an end to her conservatorship, which is now a 13 year long setting, as it has controlled her life to a point of trauma.

People all around the world were sure of how this would be the time Spears would finally gain back autonomy over her life. After the powerful speech she delivered, explaining in detail how the conservatorship not only allowed magnitudes of control over her life but also has turned abusive over the years, considering the huge difference in the power dynamics, giving Jamie Spears powers to not just control Britney’s finances but also her personal life.

In a surprising turn of events, the judge overlooking the settlement has denied the request Britney had ever so movingly delivered just last week, and said the Jamie Spears and Bessemer Trust will retain equal power not just over the pop star’s finances but also her person.

Judge  denies Britney spears

Britney had called the conservatorship abusive and said that it did more harm than good to her. She took Instagram to talk more about her stance and also reasoned that she was not coming out with her story because of how “she was embarrassed to share what happened to me”.
She also talked about how she had been pretending to be okay for the past two years because of how her pride didn’t allow her to say otherwise and also talked about how her life is certainly not perfect and everybody now must know about this.

The internet has come together in support of Spears, with campaigns like #FreeBritney all over the internet, extending solidarity in her fight against her right to full autonomy and free living.

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