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On 22 April, after the Supreme Court dismissed Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed by students, the colleges affiliated to IPU had sent fee arrear notifications. The SLP was filed after the Delhi High Court passed the revised fee judgement on 28 January allowing colleges to hike fee.
The fee notice has exasperated the students and their parents. It has come out at a time where everybody is trying very hard to make ends meet, so arranging such a huge amount of money is impossible for almost all the families at the moment.
Financial status of many household has been tormented by long lockdowns and many have lost their jobs. Students have expressed their anger and irritation over this recently surfaced fees notice. College officials shouldn’t be inconsiderate and should’ve thought about the consequences of sending such a notice at times like these.
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For now, nothing has been done and the notice hasn’t been revised by the college’s of ggsipu, but the students have made it clear that they’re not going to entertain such rash decisions of the college’s affiliated to GGSIPU

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