Aditya thackery news

With recent reports of vaccine shortage in the whole country, BJP leaders accuse Aaditya Thackeray, Maharashtra’s Cabinet Minister, also the son of Uddhav Thackeray, of helping celebrities get the vaccine without any problem.

With over 29 thousand new Corona cases, Maharashtra is one the worst-hit states by the second wave of Covid-19. While the recovery rate gives a ray of hope, the death toll of the state raises high concern among authorities and citizens alike.

Amidst this, BJP MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar commented,” With the blessings of state tourism minister Aaditya Thackeray, many top professionals, actors and their associates are getting vaccinated hassle-free,”.

He also stated that celebrities are getting the vaccines for themselves under the impression of “covid warriors”. Covid workers,i.e, healthcare workers of the country, are given priority in procuring the vaccine for they are the ones most exposed to the virus.

Atul also warned that a complaint would be filed against this activity, for no citizen of the country should be given special treatment in consideration of the vaccines.

While Aaditya recently spoke about whether another lockdown would be imposed in the state of Maharashtra, he has not yet issued a statement on these accusations.

However, Shiv Sena, the political party Aaditya is part of, has termed the accusations speculative and questionable. Manisha Kayande, a spokesperson from Shiv Sena, said “No celebrity is getting any special treatment. All citizens are trying their best to get vaccinated and are registering for it.

“India reported a total of 2,59,551 cases on Thursday. While the overall cases are at a lower number compared to the situation in late April , the credit for it goes mostly to the lockdowns imposed throughout the country. The medical infrastructure of the country, on the other hand, continues to take much pressure and little help.

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