Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra knew each other from past 14 years and they are married from 9 years and have a son. They always gave couple goals on social media but suddenly their bond became weak and marital problems started arising. On May 31, 2021 Nisha Rawal filed a complaint against her husband at Goregaon Police Station.

They both had fight that night and Nisha claimed that her husband has thrashed her whereas Karan claimed that she herself banged her head and filed a fake report against him. Karan got arrested but was released on bail later.

Yesterday Nisha had a conversation with media in which she confessed and claimed various things. She decided to open up various unknown phases of her relationship with her husband in front of the media. She told that Karan had an affair with a girl whom he met whenever he went to Chandigarh for his shooting. They both were into a physical relationship too and this was confessed by Karan himself. She said it was embarrassing for her to come up like this and open up things as once they seemed to be an idle couple.

Nisha confronted Karan’s parents too about the thing of his affair with another girl but she did not receive any strong support and was asked to solve things up to which she agreed on the condition if Karan apologizes to her and wants to fix their relationship. She said Karan’s behaviour was becoming worse. It is known that if you do something wrong you try to make up for it or you are polite or show some effort but Karan never did any of those things. He became ignorant and unethical.

Karan in his confession said she is trying to a money fraud whereas Nisha claimed that she herself has given all her jewelry and savings to him as they were going under some financial crisis due to this pandemic. They did talk about their things on separation but they never talked about child’s custody as to Nisha, Karan seems to have no interest in the child too. She demanded basic educational alumni for their child and nothing else apart from this to which Karan reacted in an aggressive manner.

Nisha Rawal’s Confession

She claimed he was so smart that he didn’t do such things where they have cameras installed. She seemed to be more worried about their child Kavish. She asked Karan to take care of Kavish’s higher education after 12 till then she will manage as she stands on her feet! She said he had 12 years to collect the money for which was not responsive so she said at least he can try otherwise she will help him whenever needed and will never stand against him.

Karan also mentioned about her bipolarity to which she replied that yes she was diagnosed with the bipolarity which is a mood disorder for which she even had taken medicines and that was too diagnosed in 2014 when she lost her child.

All such things happened earlier too but she never did the things she did now because according to her that even when they are separating Karan is doing such things and refraining away from his responsibilities towards the child. She never came in front to talk about this violence or something because was in love with him and she still is. She has always prioritised Karan and their families over anything else even her career, Rohit (her friend) said.


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