Remembering Franz Kafka. The legacy of a literary genius
Born in Prague on 3rd July 1883, Franz Kafka is one of the finest writers in the history of literature. His words hold just as much relevance as they did almost a century ago.  He died on 3rd June 1924, and to this day, is looked upon as someone who redefined literature with his work which fused realism and fantasy into one genius combination.

Some of his notable works are The Trial, a story of a man where he is charged for a crime that is never named, The metamorphosis, wherein the protagonist wakes up to find himself turned into an insect, Amerika, Letter to Father and many more.

His work is characterised by anxiety and alienation and his characters are often found in absurd situations.

His legacy stays on even after almost a century of his death due to the intelligence, difference and genius that he put up in his novels and short stories. One of the most notable figures of literature in the 20th century, Franz Kafka is remembered for not just his stories but for the fusion, he brought to them, the vision he so effortlessly implemented. He is remembered for embarking Kafkaesque literature in the literary world.

Today marks 97 years of his death. He died at the age of 40 after he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. He was diagnosed in 1917, spent frequent periods in sanatoriums and at last, died in a clinic near Vienna. His work will always uphold his legacy.

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