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The oil price of Ganganagar in Rajasthan was INR 100.05 liters after the state-owned oil company lowered the price of auto fuel by 23 paisa and diesel price by 23 paisa on Saturday 23rd. The price of petrol and diesel is increasing and now it’s crossed 100 rupee mark.
People are facing critical condition because of corona and price rising in diesel is one more problem for common people.

Although Delhi fuel tariffs are the benchmark for the entire country, the retail prices of these two fuels vary from place to place due to different state and local taxes.

Fuel Prices Now

Petrol Prices

Fuel is now priced at ₹99.33 per liter, making it the second largest instrument after Mumbai. The fuel price of financial capital is the highest among all counters.
Currently, Mumbai gasoline is priced at ₹102.30 per liter, and diesel is priced at ₹94.39 per liter. Due to taxes, the price of air pumps is also high. The toll for the center of Delhi is 34.
According to official data as of . For diesel, the central tax is over 37.24% and the state tax is around ,%.

Fuel consumption tax to support your finances. Countries have followed suit, and pandemic income has been affected Upward direction. For example, although Brent crude oil fell to US$65.11 on May 20, the lowest level in 34 days; the next day, gasoline and diesel prices rise by 19 paise/liter and 29 paise/liter, respectively.

Price is rised in Country with more than 100 rupees. In the past few months, some cities’ high-quality fuel has exceeded ₹ 100.


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