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TVF Aspirants : After a groundbreaking web series Kota Factory, TVF is back with another five episodes mini-series “Aspirants”. The Viral Fever and its sister company today stand out for several reasons, but generally, it is because the story and characters are relatable.

The writers are very well aware or perhaps lived a life of a middle class whose dreams are way bigger than their pockets have to go through to achieve something in life. Permanent Roommates to Aspirants, The thing that hasn’t changed with TVF is being relative to time and content that appeals across generations, be it engaging the working audience with Pitchers or making older generations nostalgic with Gullak.

Old Rajender Nagar Story behind Aspirants 2021

Aspirants Old Rajender Nagar

The story of “Aspirants” revolves around three college friends Abhilash, SK, and Guri who are aiming to crack the UPSC, living in Old Rajinder Nagar the Mecca of civil service aspirants and coaching institutes. The story is played back and forth from their past as old Rajinder Nagar aspirants to their present as working professionals.

Aspirants Cast of Amazing TVF Original Series

Abhilash played by Naveen Kasturia is characterized as a person with a negative approach towards everything in life, he cribs about everything and blocks every hope possible giving his last attempt. SK played by Abhilash Thapliyal is a poetic person who motivates himself with poetry. Guri played by Shivankit Singh Parihar is a “Haryana born Punjabi” giving easy-going vibes. The three friends are known as “tripod” who embark on the journey to crack UPSC. The series shows the number of sacrifices and emotional roller coasters one has to go through to become an IAS officer.

TVF Aspirants Characters and Situations

Abhilash Aspirants

The way the characters build through the series their reaction to a situation, sheer helplessness at the end after giving everything you had to only start all over again, struggle to find motivation, heartbreak, lost friendships in time, investment it takes just to see your seat number appear on that notice, the toll taken by the toughest exam in India. The story portrays every dilemma and decision people take to change the result in that attempt. It shows that 15-18 lakh aspirants who are attempting this exam every year aren’t just seat numbers but people like everyone who are giving their everything to fulfill their dream to make this country a better place.

TVF Series official Poster of Aspirants 2021

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Brief description of Episode

The Aspirants is the 5 Episode Series takes your 4-5 hr to Watch the Complete Series.

Episode 1: shows you there is a disturbance between Guri and Abhilash then continue the story “UPSC: Optional mein kya hai”, it’s an interesting part where Abhilash try to find the best teacher then Subject for optional.

Episode: 2 Teacher sahi hone chahiye“, In this series, Abhilash finally get to know that don’t judge a book by its cover, Finally he get a teacher.

Episode: 3 Positive Approach Rakh Yar“, In this, he closely attached with dahrya and both of them study together in a library and dharya tell him while you writing an answer take a positive approach and find solutions.

Episode: 4 “Plan B kya hai” the importance of plan B we can understand through this series where Abhilash is confusing about they choose plan B or not.

Episode 5: The Grand finale episode of Aspirants ” Pre.Mains… Aur Life” Finally the audience get to know about the disturbance between Guri and Abhilash and Then finally Abhilash realised his mistakes and know about the friendship is important without it Nobody can proud of you

Finale Episode and Climax of story

Before the finale episode was even released, different social media platforms were filled with reviews, dialogue quotes, people praising as well as criticizing it as an upgraded/adult version of Kota Factory. After binge-watching the entire series, I surely beg to differ while “Kota Factory” is one of the iconic series, in its way “Aspirants” shines through. The journey one takes from student to aspirant to an IAS officer or just making the best of life after UPSC isn’t cleared, this series can make you laugh, cry, and be motivated.

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Watch Aspirants Now on Official TVF Youtube Channel

You can watch the series on YouTube free no need of extra streaming a pos for watch this series

Source: TVF Official Youtube Channel

IMDb Ratings and Scores

The Aspirant is also available on IMDb with the 9/10 ratings which is huge for such a series to view the waiting visit now on Click here

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