The recent tweet of BJP Leader Arun Yadav on the legendary actor Dilip Kumar’s death has created controversy and irksome among the netizens and celebrity. He tweeted that “ It is definitely an irreparable loss to the Indian Film Industry after the death of Mohammad Yusuf Khan ( Dilip Kumar) who earned money by keeping a Hindu Name.

Considered as one of the legend and iconic stars of Bollywood Industry, Dilip Kumar was born as Mohammed Yousuf Khan on 11th December, 1922 in Peshawar, Pakistan. When Mohammed Yousuf Khan joined as an actor, the head of the Bombay Talkies, Devi Rani renamed him as Dilip Kumar.

After tackling with a prolonged sickness, Dilip Kumar left for his heavenly abode on wednesday morning at the age of 98. Almost every other artist in the entire Indian Film Industry shared their grief and condolences to the family.

Not only actors, even prominent political leaders expressed their grief over the actor’s demise and one among the politician was BJP Leader Arun Yadav but his statement has turned out to be a backlash for him as netizens and Actor-Politician Urmilla Matondkar censured or condemned the tweet posted by the leader.

Dilip Kumar And Arun Yadav

“ It is an irreparable loss to the Indian Film Industry after the death of Mohammad Yusuf Khan (Dilip Kumar) who earned money by keeping a Hindu name. Deepest Condolences to the Family and hope God gives peace to the departed soul” , written by Arun Yadav in hindi.

Upon reacting to his tweet, Urmilla Matondkar expressed her woe and said “ Shame on You” with a Thumbs Down emoji. As per report, the 47 – year-old actress and politician said, “Dilip kumar was an iconic star and a legend for our nation, it was sad to see and he was being trivialised by saying that to earn money, he kept a hindu name.

And moreover, during his time, kumar has done a lot of socially relevant movies and he is a type of person who is beyond any religion”. She further added that Kumar performed good deeds in favour of the society as a whole.

He helped the widows of the soldiers who lost their lives during the Kargil war. Furthermore, one of the leaders of Shiv sena said that, “Dilip Kumar was a socially responsible person”.


“There are so many Muslims who have taken a hindu name and vice versa but it doesn’t make anyone feel less. The major fact to be kept is how much of an Indian you are. And Dileep Kumar was indeed one”, Urmilla Matondkar said.

The reaction of twitter users have also caught attention and gathered criticism for the leader’s tweet. Users commented that Dilip Kumar was one among the people who made India Known and famous. Another user said that he gained recognition for his brilliant acting and is one among the finest actors.

Dilip Kumar was tagged as the nehruvian hero who stepped into bollywood with his debut movie “Jwar Bhata” in 1944 and worked in 65 films.
He last appeared on- screen in his movie called “Qila” in 1998.

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