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Vidya Balan Comments about facing gender bias in a recent Interview with Times Now

In a recent interview with Times Now Digital, Vidya Balan opened up about facing gender bias as a woman. She said, “I think all of us have faced gender bias and not just by the members of the opposite sex.

Even I think we all tend to judge each other, box each other as human beings and it’s a little sharper for women or with women. Of course, I have faced gender bias. I get angry… I get angry and then I just give them a piece of my mind. It happens much less now, but still.”

She also recalled a dinner table incident where someone asked her to learn to cook even though her husband, Siddharth Roy Kapur, did not know cooking as well. She reciprocated their comment saying, “ I remember people telling me over a dinner that ‘Oh my god, you don’t know how to cook’. I said, ‘No both Sidharth and I don’t know how to cook’.

They said, ‘But you should know how to cook na’.”. “I wanted to say, ‘why should it be any different for Sidharth and me?’ ”, she added.


She also recollected all the times her mother advised her to learn cooking. She mentioned that she used to reply to her with a, “Why the hell should I learn to cook, I will earn enough to hire a cook or marry a man who can cook”.

Vidya has time and again stood up to challenge stereotypes of our society. Talking in an interview, back in March, about how she has been ridiculed for her weight, she said, “My weight issue had become a national issue.

I have always been a fat girl. I wouldn’t say that I am at a stage where my fluctuating weight doesn’t bother me anymore at all. But I have come a long way. I have had hormonal issues all my life. For the longest time, I hated my body. I thought it had betrayed me. On the days I was under the pressure of looking my best, I would bloat up and I would be so angry and frustrated.”.

Source: Instagram/ @who_wore_what_when

In another interview with SheThePeople, Vidya addressed the lack of financial independence in women saying, “I know families where the woman is the breadwinner, but she’ll handover her earnings to the man. It happens not just when there is a father or a husband, but even the son, or the brother. So basically you are saying- because money is power, you cannot have a woman be powerful.”.

Vidya has proved to be one of the few people standing up for women in the industry as well as our society. Now, she is all set to star in Amit Masurkar’s ‘Sherni’ that is to be released on Amazon Prime Video on the 18th of June.

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