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Finally, the wait for “BLINKS”(BLACKPINK Fans) across the globe is over!! YG Entertainment has planned to release “BLACKPINK The Movie” on Iconic Group BLACKPINK’s Fifth anniversary in August.

YG Entertainment has posted the 5th Anniversary “4+1 Project” in various social media sites which gathered huge views, likes and comments from the fans around the world. BLACKPINK is a South Korean Kpop girl group with members including Rosè, Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie.

5th anniversary of Blackpink

It’s incredible that iconic band BLACKPINK has become a global sensation within a span of five years. Debuting with their first hit, “Boombayah ” which in the present time has crossed over a billion views in youtube to collaborating with the popular and successful American Singer, Selena Gomez.

And moreover, people beyond South Korea have recognised BLACKPINK’s music and the genre they choose as a World Class Music and due to which they became the highest charting female Kpop on the Billboard Hot 100.

BLACKPINK has achieved much more worldwide than what a Kpop group can achieve within a span of five years. And no BLINKS can ever forget about BLACKPINK’S jaw dropping and eye popping performance in Coachella 2019.

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