Phoebe Dynevor in Bridgerton

The beginning of the pandemic saw the shift of fashion towards athleisure and comfortable loungewear. While everyone’s worlds were locked up in their homes, creativity in daily wear became the new trend. But then, the end of 2020 saw Netflix’s British period drama ‘Bridgerton’ inspired fashion take the fashion industry by storm.

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Flowy ankle length gowns, corsets, long dress silhouettes, puff-sleeves, elegant vintage jewellery, soft and vibrant summer colours, floral patterns and crowns flooded the media, bringing back 19th century Europe.

The Featherington sisters in Bridgerton
The Featherington sisters in Bridgerton source: Netflix

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This fashion, that pushed the popularity of the show to the edge, was custom made in the show’s own costume house by designer Ellen Mirojnick and a team of 238 members.

Brigentons season 1
Source: Liam Daniel/ Netflix

In a December interview last year, designer Ellen told WWD, “The process of embellishing — I have to say, that was where the fun really began,”. “We were very fortunate to live the designer’s dream — to be able to use color and accessories freely, and be able to try things and be bold and adventurous.”, she added.

Source Netflix
Source: Netflix

According to the 2021 Wedding Report by global search platform Lyst, wedding dresses and accessories inspired by the Victorian era saw a rapid growth on the year-on-year demand. The search growth in percentage of Bridal corsets, empire-waist wedding dresses and embellished headpieces were 291%, 133% and 156% respectively.

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 Source: Liam Daniel/ Netflix
A still from Bridgerton Source: Liam Daniel/ Netflix

During the pandemic that restricts social gatherings and outdoor fashion, shows like Bridgerton inspired the fashion industry to develop from homes. A mixture of vintage fashion with modern-day garments is a trend made to last.

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